Broker Brown Hamrick

Phone: 843.509.4741
Email: [email protected]
Founder, Broker In Charge


Affectionately known on the streets of Charleston as “Brownie,” Brown Hamrick is one of the original founders of Disher, Hamrick & Myers. Formed in 1980 by three aspiring real estate entrepreneurs, Disher, Hamrick & Myers began as a small commercial real estate company. Five years later, Brown hired two residential agents – one of which is still with the company. Brown was soon captivated by the residential side of the real estate business and in the early 1990s decided to split the commercial and residential divisions, becoming the sole manager of the newly established Disher, Hamrick & Myers Residential.

Through the years, Brown has visited, toured, socialized in, and been involved in the sale of nearly every home in the Historic District. He prides himself at knowing not only the homes, but the complex history of the properties, and the dynamic lifestyles of the residents. Brown is always on-call and available to his friends, agents, and clients alike. His smile, booming laugh, lightheartedness, and passion for this business are contagious. Stop by the office and shake his hand sometime – you’ll have made a new longtime friend.