Disher, Hamrick & Myers is proud to have been the first real estate agency in Charleston to offer in-house virtual staging. And now we are excited to announce that we have taken this service to the next level, using AI technology to create photo-realistic rooms. Our new-and-improved enhanced virtual staging creates more realistic and detailed renderings, giving potential buyers an even better sense of how a space can be used. And because we do our virtual staging in-house, you know a real estate professional who is well-versed in current local trends–not an anonymous overseas worker–is designing your room.

Using this latest technology, we are able to enhance vacant or sparsely-furnished rooms to give buyers a better sense of their potential. Virtual staging provides the same online benefits as traditional home staging at a fraction of the cost and effort. Almost all home buyers start their home search online, where photography is the most important aspect that catches the eye. Therefore, it is crucial to show your home in the best possible light.

While an unfurnished room can show architectural details, a professionally-staged room will highlight those features while also making it feel lived-in. Our software allows us to match the scale and perspective of your rooms. Then we add not only furnishings, but also accessories, artwork, lighting, floor coverings, and even greenery to make empty rooms come alive. In addition, we tailor the decor of each room according to the style of the home and desires of potential buyers. From formal to casual, traditional to coastal contemporary, we create a taste of true Lowcountry living. We can even stage outdoor spaces!


The benefits of virtual staging include that it:

  • Creates a realistic 3D image of a furnished room
  • Costs less time and money than a traditionally-staged room; no on-going rental costs
  • Solves the challenges of online marketing for vacant homes
  • Attracts more buyers
  • Allows buyers to envision the scale and purpose of empty rooms


As with traditional home staging, the most important rooms to focus on are living rooms, master bedrooms, and dining rooms.

And in Charleston, don’t forget the appeal of outdoor living spaces! We also do virtual landscaping – adding lush, green lawns and colorful gardens – and blue sky replacement, along with virtual sunsets. Even overcast weather seen through windows is virtually transformed into a sunny, blue sky day.

Virtual staging can also help an already-furnished room that may be dated or cluttered. We remove or replace the existing decor and enhance it with a more luxurious, contemporary update.

We can even stage the same room multiple times, giving buyers a sense of the options they have with a flexible space. For example, a third bedroom could alternately be used as an office or a nursery. With virtual staging, buyers at different stages of life can all visualize how a space could work for them.

Anything you need to enhance the appeal of your property, we do in-house! Best of all, this service is included when you list your home with DHM. Call DHM today at 843.577.4115 to learn more about how this exciting new technology can help sell your home.

See for yourself the amazing difference virtual staging makes! Slide the arrows on the photos below to see interactive before and after versions of spaces that we have staged virtually.